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I-Con 30
Smiling Mids
Went to I-con 30 on Saturday and Sunday with my boyfriend and an amusing thing that happened in the parking lot was, we parked right behind Uncle Kage/Dr. Conway. I didn't realize it honestly until my boyfriend pointed out the license plate which amused the hell out of me.If you have no idea who that is you can easily find him on Youtube or on a websearch. He is well known by furries. Would have gone Friday as well but my place of work sucks so much balls I am not sure I would have gotten all three days.

The two days we went we pretty much went to a couple of D&D panels that interested John, then went to a few furry, hentai, Voltaire and gaming panels. One gaming panel was a World of Warcraft: Cataclysm panel which the people never showed up for so a very knowledgeable player hijacked the panel. Same thing happened with a furry panel yesterday only halfway through the panelists actually came. They were late to the panel because they were across campus and the panelists before them were being rude and hogging.

As soon as John makes a full post about it on his livejournal I might link it in this journal.

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Uncle Kage is funny as fuck, I had some sort of interesting conversation with him about him always carrying a glass of wine a few years ago. I wish I remembered it. I do have a video of him wearing the bottom half of a Hamtaro suit though!

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